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Health Coaching – Kardia Counseling Services

Health Coaching considers an individual’s overall health.  In the initial session we talk with you and conduct a HeartPath assessment.  We also request that you write a brief autobiographical narrative listing “lived-experiences” which were significant to you.  This can be emailed or given to us at a face-to-face session.  Once we receive your narrative we will conduct a thematic analysis and formulate a care plan together for healing.   Our clients have reported “whole” healing with awareness gained and feelings of self-empowerment  HeartPath interventions touch the inner heart and reveals a life path of meaning and purpose.

You guys were the only counselors that ever truly touched my heart from a place of compassion.  Because of the seed you planted my life took a new direction with right choices.  I am happily married now with two children.  I just wanted to thank you since it has been 10 years – I am 28 now.

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