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Integrated Health: HeartPath Practitioner Assessment and Treatment for the Trauma-Exposed Patient

Integrated health is coordinated care which is comprehensive and seamless care that is a worldwide trend in health care reforms. In this book we will discuss the importance of trauma-informed care with all systems who touch the lives of trauma-exposed children and families. We will reflect how integrated health occurs based on the performance practice of primary care and behavioral health integration (PCBHI) working as a patient-centered model home. The book will also discuss the impact of trauma from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual contexts.

Regardless of how traumatic events have impacted a patient’s life there is a clear path to healing and managing medical and psychological concerns. This takes place with an appropriate assessments and a “whole” treatment plan for the trauma-exposed patient from a body, mind, and spirit integrated forms of care provision.

The book will illustrate the pervasiveness of trauma and facts that show that a large percentage of medical and mental health concerns have come from “Pandora’s box,” opened now, and revealing the deeper impact of trauma exposure on the individual, children, families, and communities. Without proper assessment and early intervention through appropriate and coordinated treatment, trauma will continue to cause pandemonium in the lives of so many children and families. Looking at the collective trauma of our age, and the much-discussed pain suffered, we can be agents of transformation once we know how to integrate health. This is pertinent for both the trauma-exposed patient and for caregivers who have been exposed to vicarious trauma/secondary traumatic stress.


“Modern psychiatric, psychological, as well as epigenetics investigations, have shown that traumatic childhood experiences can negatively impact memory and concentration capacity, and the language skills children need for their successful school work. For certain children, this can lead to problems with inappropriate behavior in the classroom, leading to a negative spiral in their organizational and academic performance, and – as a final result – difficulty forming normal human relationships as well as corresponding contacts with animals, such as household pets, farm animals, etc. The current book, “Integrated Health”, explains all possible collaborations of our bodily systems and its impact on the trauma-exposed patient – on the physical body, and His/Her mind, emotions, and spirit. As such it points to the value of learning more about the impacts of trauma, and this knowledge can help keep educators from misunderstanding the reasons underlying some children’s difficulties with learning, behavior, and relationships. Finally, it also goes over the new HeartPath techniques for intervention in brief sessions for those who work in integrated primary care clinics. Anyone interested in supporting these patients, and their relatives, should read this book.”
Olle Johansson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
“Trauma is like a chameleon, in that it can blend in with the background and then suddenly jump out. It’s like a shape-shifter that changes forms and knows no bounds. Sights, smells, touches, sounds and memories can all be evocative of those experiences that turned our world upside down. Although some Trauma is experienced by all of us, some are locked in an invisible prison of habitual self-destructive behavior. Mindfulness and a heart centered practice can help us gain insight and awareness. This book can be a key.”
Tommy Casteel, Western Regional Director
Virginia Department of Social Services
“Integrated Health is a well-researched, clinically-oriented presentation combining Heartpath techniques and scientific treatments along with a holistic approach to help transform the fearful and hopeless hearts of traumatized people into temples of peace and faith, hope and love.   A very helpful and insightful read for any health practitioner.”
David Guldseth, M.D. Family Practice Practitioner
“Although, trauma is a very heavy subject to digest, you are able to pivot it to a hopeful resolution. Our current therapies for PTSD are mostly brain-based still, and the emotional reactions, such as anger, resentments, guilt, unforgiveness are usually at play, creating more hindrances or obstruction in the healing process. Mindfulness is a stepping stone to heartfulness. Therefore the brain – heart connection is imperative in this process. It is also important for the healer to be in heart-based presence themselves to guide their patients/clients.  With HeartPath interventions, the patient/client allows the emergence of true heart feelings like forgiveness, love, peace, gratitude, harmony and letting go, while allowing the heart to open more fully towards a deep and enduring healing!  A must read for therapists, healthcare providers, social workers, graduate students in medical, social work, and psychology, and also patients/clients alike!”
Marilou Inocalla, M.D. Medical Director/Psychiatrist

HeartPath Practitioner

by Cinthia McFeature, Ph.D.
and Bill McFeature, PhD.

The publication of our book is now complete and is available online through Tate Publishing. HearthPath Practitioner is also available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other bookstores through the distributor Ingram.

This book was guided by the Divine and is dedicated to all those who seek the Heart of the Divine. Our hearts are truly connected and will be for all eternity as we honor the divine within and walk the path that ultimately leads us home.

The HeartPath Practitioner, offers readers opportunities to experience healing journeys on a path to ‘knowing’ the Heart of God by revealing the power of the testimony through the telling of one’s life story. The HeartPath Practitioner reflects to the client a life path with meaning and purpose. The healing journey begins when the client opens their inner heart to discover strength and profound meaning unique to his or her life story. The HeartPath Practitioner seeks to honor the heart of the Divine in each of us, and shows us the true meaning of compassion in healing-heart practices and in our lives.”

The heartpath philosophy speaks to the balance of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self. It is “a matter of the heart,” and it is here that the true transformation for healing occurs. There is a peace deep within the inner heart that brings health to your body, to your mind and your heart. The physiology of the heart in its own essence reveals to us so much more about the power within to heal.

Research has shown that the heart has memory cells and that it is 5000 times more powerful magnetically than the mind, and 100 times more powerful electrically. The inner sanctuary of heart is the center of the Spirit — True Wisdom — and expresses emotions and feelings — including beliefs — which are generated by thoughts from the mind. These feelings generated from our hearts speak to the Universe through prayer and meditation, and also have the power to affect our minds — which in turn release chemicals into our bodies to address symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

What a beautiful summary of how spiritual psychotherapy works. This book is highly recommended for all psychotherapists who wish to penetrate to the heart of healing, as well as to laymen who want to heal themselves.

Exploring the Lived Experience of Women Exposed to Partner Abuse

by Bill McFeature, PhD

Previous research has demonstrated the negative impact of traumatic experiences, such as partner abuse. Using an exploratory qualitative approach, ten females were asked to verbalize their traumatic experiences with partner abuse.
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